Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why a wedding blog?

I wanted to start this blog to keep people updated on our wedding plans, without bombarding people who may not care with constant updates and facebook status stuff.  So pretty much I will be posting decisions we've made, where we are in the planning process, and pretty much anything to related to our upcoming nuptials.  Hopefully I both remember to post, and don't bore us all to death.

So first things first this is what we've talked about so far. 

The date we like is March 31, 2012.  It will be exactly 1 year from the proposal date and it happens to be a Saturday.  We toyed with the idea of a Fall wedding, since we all know I am crazy from pumpkins, but we think fall of 2012 is too far from now, and fall of 2011 is too soon, plus my b-day is Oct, and Mitchell's is Sept.

We've looked at a couple venues, 2 we liked in Fallbrook and we've ruled out Temecula...its too far.  I like the idea of an outdoor ceremony with either an indoor or tented reception.  Either way we need a venue that seats at least 150 people, since that is most likely our guest count.

And no, Disneyland is not an option.  I know everyone expects Disney from me, which is exactly why I'll stay away from it.  We had our Disney proposal, now we'll move on, which is for the best in the long run.