Monday, October 24, 2011

Something stressful this way comes

My bridesmaid's dress got here and they're even better than I had hoped!  The color is perfect and they're super cute, in my opinion anyways. 

And the time has come, my stress is hitting.  There is just so much left to do and we're one week away from the 5 month mark.  We still need a cake, invitations, tuxes, hair and make-up, yikes!  I'm getting side tracked and I just need to focus and start checking stuff of the list.  At the top of that list right now is invites, cake and the menu (aka. meet with the caterer).

I also haven't really thought about the wedding rehearsal and where that is going to be, plus we have to book that and arrange payment.  And my parents keep asking about setting aside a block of rooms at a hotel near the venue...too much.

I need to take a brake, enjoy my birthday and Halloween.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Status Report

I can safely say that things are on their way.  We have consolidated our DIY projects, bye-bye cranes.  My dress is in!!  I am going this Friday to try it on, not a fitting, just to make sure everything was ordered correctly....and it better be!  Lol

I have been on a mad hunt for flower girl dresses.  I'm not wild about the miniature bride look for them, and have therefore been searching for a colored dress for the girls.  It is harder than it sounds.  Nothing seems to be the right color.  I have found one ivory dress that I think is super cute, J. Crew, I just have to reconcile the fact that they are "white" and get over it I think.

On another note I have invitation samples coming in the mail and our guest list is being finalized...again, harder than you would think.  Our nice smallish family and friend wedding might possibly become a hoopla but I am doing my best to control the situation.  Wish me luck.

To come....cake tasting, menu, and ordering the tuxes.