Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Past Two Years: Recap Part 1

It's been a while, here goes...

We bought a house!  It wasn't easy, we saw a lot of properties, got outbid on a lot of them, but we finally got our house.  It's perfect for us and worth the struggle and all of the heartache of not getting other properties.  My advice to first time young homeowners: 1) Be patient 2) Be realistic about your budget - there are investors out there sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars probably aren't 3) Find an agent who sells the kinds of home you are looking for.

But anyways, moving was easy (my husband did it all).  What I was surprised about in the moving process was how we went from 2 bedrooms and no garage to 3 bedrooms with a garage, and in one year we've filled it up completely!  We have soooo much stuff, and we still have unopened wedding presents in the garage with no where to fit them in the kitchen...insanity.

He does all the cooking, a good 90% anyways.

Next step: The Baby...