Monday, June 4, 2012

Married life as a wife

I have to say, I am really enjoying married life. We're two months in and life is great. Things have settled down since the wedding, all the loose ends have been taken care of and I've started making jam (had to do something with all those left over jars).

So far we've made; strawberry/mango preserves, raspberry/blackberry jam, apple/pear jam and I just finished a batch of vanilla peach jam. So far everything has been delicious! All of my recipes have turned out delicious! Hopefully this hobby lasts a while.

I have dedicated an entire board on pinterest to ideas for mason jars. I think my next endeavor will be soy candles and soap pumps, things for the house. I'd love ideas if anyone has any!!

Until next time...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Married Life

So starting the day after the wedding people began asking us, "so how does it feel being married?" or "does it feel weird to be married?". Well I can honestly say no, it doesn't feel weird at all.

I think that since we had lived together for so long before getting married it was just like getting back to life. Sure, we have more jars and ribbon than before, and I do own an apron now, but we're the same couple as before, I just have more free time.

I guess that the next step is kids, but we have decided to wait 2 years before going down that path. I want to travel and figure out life and let Mitchell get his teaching credential (if that's what he decides he wants to do). Hard to do all that and raise a kid. Plus, I'm selfish, I like my life now.

But in all seriousness, life goes on. Let the house hunt begin!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Details

Here are some photos of our wedding details...

The Guest Book (Our Adventure Book)

Cocktail Hour

Aisle Decor



The Cake

Seating arrangement

 Ring bearer's pillow

Our sign (made by a friends father)

The Recap

Well the day came, and it went; but while it was here it was amazing!  Everyone who told me that the day would fly by was 100% right, once the ceremony started it was all a blur.

We had a great time getting ready in the Spa Salon at Los Willows.  Me and my bridesmaids got to the property around 9am to start the day.  The girls who did our hair and make-up met us up there and we were able to leisurely get ready for the big day.  The LW staff was amazing, they kept checking on us to make sure things were going well and the gentleman who runs the B&B brought us lunch and drinks, very nice not to worry about anything.

Mitchell and I opted to do first look photos because I opted to do the boat entrance, which meant that I wasn't really going to be able to see the look on his face as he first saw me.  We went up to the B&B and got some amazing first look photos before heading down to the bridal chamber to await the ceremony.

From there on everything is a blur of activity.

Getting married.

Taking photos.



And the dancing!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

We made it!!

The wedding was amazing!! It was everything we wanted and more! Everyone we talked to said they had a great time. Kendra, our Los willows coordinator was amazing. Joe, our DJ from JMC, was a huge hit! People were dancing all night. Bethel our officiant did a beautiful job sharing our story and created a touching ceremony. Everything was perfect!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Up, Up, and Away

This is it.  6 days to go.  I can't believe the wedding is almost here.  On one hand it feels like time has flown by and it was just yesterday that we got engaged, on the other hand this feels like it has been a really long time coming.  You'd think after having been together for 10 years we would have known exactly what we wanted for every aspect of the wedding, nope.  I was never the little girl who planned her dream wedding while she grew, I am however the girl who has planned my marriage.  I am glad that Mitchell and I have waited as long as we have because I know for sure that we have what it takes to make it.  We will be Carl and Ellie sitting in our mismatched chairs growing old together no matter what (go watch UP if you didn't get that).

I am determined that we will not become a statistic, not that there is anything wrong with divorce, for some people it is the right path.  I, however, am stubborn and usually get what I want.  And I want my happily every after (good times and bad).  I want the every day life with Mitchell that we have always had but still managing to grow and change together.

I can't wait til Saturday, not because of the party, but because it means that we get to start the next phase of our lives together.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Only 12 Days to Go!

This is it, less than 2 weeks to go. We've been working on our seating arrangement, worst part of planning! We're also on wedding "diet" and exercise plan, also not my favorite part.

However as the wedding gets closer we've abandoned certain aspects of the planning/wedding, they seem unimportant compared to other things. I've been working on my vows which is nerve racking! Mitchell finished his ages ago, not a procrastinator that one.

See everyone soon!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Can See The Finish Line

This is it, less than a month to go. Everything is in place, we're just tying up loose ends and putting together the final details.

I am finishing up our cake toppers, which of course I put off until the last minute, but so far I think they look pretty good.

I've had my final dress fitting, the dress is awesome. I'm in the process of shopping for hair adornments, specifically a comb or clip for after the veil comes off. If you know anywhere I should look please let me know.

Other than that we just need to write our vows and learn to dance, but it may be too late for that.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Time is Flying

Ahhhh, less than 2 months til W-Day!  I can't believe its almost here!  Where did the time go?

Well the good news is that we're pretty much on top of things.  All of our vendors are booked (just put a deposit on the cake), and we're compiling our song lists and photo "must haves" list.  Now its on to the vows, bar and rehearsal dinner. 

The RSVP's have been rolling in, so kudos to those of you who have sent yours, to those of you who haven't please make sure you do!  Lol, otherwise you'll have to sit outside, just kidding....maybe.  I can't wait to start our seating arrangements, dorky, but true.

Well I better get to work on ordering things and making my cake topper. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Its the little things

This was a big wedding week for us.  I had ordered a lot of things online for the wedding, and they all arrived!  We now have our guest books, all the pieces for our favors, I picked up my veil, had my hair trial, and started receiving RSVPs.  Our last batch of invitations should go out this weekend (we had to do phases, very labor intensive).  

Now its time to put together favors (Alli, lol).  I need to finish the cake toppers.  Projects, projects, projects.  It's all the little touches that are going to make this wedding "us" and special.  Just have to remember that as I work on them.  Good/Bad news is Mitchell will be out of town for 2 weeks, which is sad and lonely for me, but good time to get these done.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Finish Line

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted, the holidays were crazy and now we're in high gear with wedding planning.

We're under the 80 day mark now and things are starting to get hectic.  The invitations are done and ready to be sent out.  We're working on the favors, programs and little details now.  The bridesmaids all have their shoes and we're ordering jewelry, I'm ordering my jewelry soon  Mitchell and I have picked out wedding bands.  Things are coming together.

I can't wait for March 31st, then we get to have a party and go on a cruise.