Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On to th next thing then

We've chosen a location!!!!  We put down our deposit and signed the contract!!!!  It's official!!!

Los Willows
March 31, 2012

Now, time for dress shopping.  My mom and I are going to start shopping next week, since Lauren's home and I wanted her to be able to come with us if she wants to.  I have a couple photos and designers I like, but I know I'm going to have to try on a bunch of silhouettes to see what looks back.  One thing I have learned from watching "Say Yes to the Dress" is that what I go in liking, may not be what looks best on me.  One thing I can guarantee is that there will be no taffeta.  No tutus for me thank you very much.

Monday, May 16, 2011

One down, 999 to go


We're going with Los Willows.  It beat out all the other venues in my pro/com lists, Mitchell and most of you liked it the best, and I like that there are hotels and places to stay near by for people who don't want to drive home late at night. 

Now I get to make the other hundreds of decisions that come with a comes the work. 

Also, I went and tried on dresses for the first time on Saturday, and let me just say OVERWHELMING.  Its awkward because I'm not 100% sure how I am supposed to respond when people ask "so what do you think" or "how do you feel in this one?"  Because my response is that I feel like I'm being eaten by tulle and satin or that I look like a cake topper that escaped.  Despite this I may have found a dress I loved, only time will tell.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I don't know why it is so hard for me to commit to a venue, lies, I know why.  Once I pick the venue its real.  I have to start looking for a DJ and find a dress, rent tuxes, get a photographer, etc.... In short, as soon as I pick a venue the work begins and the day dreamy fun is put on the back burner...still there, but not as all consuming. 

Regardless of my impending future the task still stands, I have to chose.  Well thanks to friends/family I have been able to at least eliminate a couple.  It's coming down to the Orfila Winery v. Los Willows.  I have pro con lists made and what its coming down to is what kind of wedding do I want?  Vineyard or lake...both have possibilities and I could see us getting married at either.  But Mitchell and I have decided one more day of looking.  Next Sunday we will go check out the Rancho Bernardo Winery and a friend's godmother's location in Escondido, then I'll take Mitchell by Los Willows and Orfilia, since he hasn't seen either yet.

(right Alli?)

On the other hand I found a picture of a dress I LOVE!!!!!!  And a store in SD that carries the designer!!!!  Now I just need to weigh 110 lbs so I can wear it like the model....HA, not happening.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

When all the glass slippers fit, then what?

I'm in trouble.  Of the two locations we saw today I liked both, the Orfilia Winery and Twin Oaks Estates.  So now I have three serious contenders, and one more to see.  Yikes.  Its time for the Pro/con list, a very important decision making tool.  Also, Mitchell hasn't been able to see any of these places yet, once I narrow it down to two I should probably take him by.  I just didn't want to overwhelm him with the planning process.  We did discuss which portions he wants to be involved in, and the stuff he doesn't care at all about.  Needless to say he wants to be there to taste test, typical.  But I could very easily imagine having the wedding at any of these three places, that's the tough part, what to do with too many good fits.

Also, one of the places we saw, the Orfilia Winery (Loved) had pictures of a wedding with pumpkins, and I nearly died.  Now I'm worried if I'll be sad in 5 years because I didn't have my pumpkin wedding.  Save it for the 2nd marriage?  Just kidding, I don't think I'd survive planning a second wedding so this one better stick.

Wedding Website

OK I just started a wedding website, since Jamie and I were talking about it.  Its the one from The Knot website.  Not sure if I love it.  If anyone knows of a good site to use let me know please!!!  But for now this will work.

Now remember, I just started it, so there's not that much up yet.  Bear with me.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Decisions, decisions, decisions

So I knew going into this that there were going to be a million things we needed to decide, but GEEZ!!  All the magazines and websites give you lists and timelines and its a little overwhelming, but thank god that they do, otherwise I would have no idea when to do what.  It's actually a little like being in class again and having due dates for projects, which is good, I work well under pressure.

Anyways, here's where I'm at.  My mom and I are going to check out 2 more locations tomorrow, Orfilia Winery and Twin Oaks Estate.  But my front runner's so far are Los Willows and The Grand Tradition (both in Fallbrook).  Their only downfall is location, kind of far....not awful, just not great.  I dunno, let me know what you guys think.

I've decided that I have to start looking for dresses starting end of June and I need to have picked one by July!  More to come on that though.....