Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Decisions, decisions, decisions

So I knew going into this that there were going to be a million things we needed to decide, but GEEZ!!  All the magazines and websites give you lists and timelines and its a little overwhelming, but thank god that they do, otherwise I would have no idea when to do what.  It's actually a little like being in class again and having due dates for projects, which is good, I work well under pressure.

Anyways, here's where I'm at.  My mom and I are going to check out 2 more locations tomorrow, Orfilia Winery and Twin Oaks Estate.  But my front runner's so far are Los Willows and The Grand Tradition (both in Fallbrook).  Their only downfall is location, kind of far....not awful, just not great.  I dunno, let me know what you guys think.

I've decided that I have to start looking for dresses starting end of June and I need to have picked one by July!  More to come on that though.....

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  1. I like the los willows location, and fallbrook is not that all. :)