Thursday, May 5, 2011

When all the glass slippers fit, then what?

I'm in trouble.  Of the two locations we saw today I liked both, the Orfilia Winery and Twin Oaks Estates.  So now I have three serious contenders, and one more to see.  Yikes.  Its time for the Pro/con list, a very important decision making tool.  Also, Mitchell hasn't been able to see any of these places yet, once I narrow it down to two I should probably take him by.  I just didn't want to overwhelm him with the planning process.  We did discuss which portions he wants to be involved in, and the stuff he doesn't care at all about.  Needless to say he wants to be there to taste test, typical.  But I could very easily imagine having the wedding at any of these three places, that's the tough part, what to do with too many good fits.

Also, one of the places we saw, the Orfilia Winery (Loved) had pictures of a wedding with pumpkins, and I nearly died.  Now I'm worried if I'll be sad in 5 years because I didn't have my pumpkin wedding.  Save it for the 2nd marriage?  Just kidding, I don't think I'd survive planning a second wedding so this one better stick.

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