Monday, May 16, 2011

One down, 999 to go


We're going with Los Willows.  It beat out all the other venues in my pro/com lists, Mitchell and most of you liked it the best, and I like that there are hotels and places to stay near by for people who don't want to drive home late at night. 

Now I get to make the other hundreds of decisions that come with a comes the work. 

Also, I went and tried on dresses for the first time on Saturday, and let me just say OVERWHELMING.  Its awkward because I'm not 100% sure how I am supposed to respond when people ask "so what do you think" or "how do you feel in this one?"  Because my response is that I feel like I'm being eaten by tulle and satin or that I look like a cake topper that escaped.  Despite this I may have found a dress I loved, only time will tell.

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