Monday, March 26, 2012

Up, Up, and Away

This is it.  6 days to go.  I can't believe the wedding is almost here.  On one hand it feels like time has flown by and it was just yesterday that we got engaged, on the other hand this feels like it has been a really long time coming.  You'd think after having been together for 10 years we would have known exactly what we wanted for every aspect of the wedding, nope.  I was never the little girl who planned her dream wedding while she grew, I am however the girl who has planned my marriage.  I am glad that Mitchell and I have waited as long as we have because I know for sure that we have what it takes to make it.  We will be Carl and Ellie sitting in our mismatched chairs growing old together no matter what (go watch UP if you didn't get that).

I am determined that we will not become a statistic, not that there is anything wrong with divorce, for some people it is the right path.  I, however, am stubborn and usually get what I want.  And I want my happily every after (good times and bad).  I want the every day life with Mitchell that we have always had but still managing to grow and change together.

I can't wait til Saturday, not because of the party, but because it means that we get to start the next phase of our lives together.

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