Monday, February 6, 2012

Time is Flying

Ahhhh, less than 2 months til W-Day!  I can't believe its almost here!  Where did the time go?

Well the good news is that we're pretty much on top of things.  All of our vendors are booked (just put a deposit on the cake), and we're compiling our song lists and photo "must haves" list.  Now its on to the vows, bar and rehearsal dinner. 

The RSVP's have been rolling in, so kudos to those of you who have sent yours, to those of you who haven't please make sure you do!  Lol, otherwise you'll have to sit outside, just kidding....maybe.  I can't wait to start our seating arrangements, dorky, but true.

Well I better get to work on ordering things and making my cake topper. 

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