Sunday, October 9, 2011

Status Report

I can safely say that things are on their way.  We have consolidated our DIY projects, bye-bye cranes.  My dress is in!!  I am going this Friday to try it on, not a fitting, just to make sure everything was ordered correctly....and it better be!  Lol

I have been on a mad hunt for flower girl dresses.  I'm not wild about the miniature bride look for them, and have therefore been searching for a colored dress for the girls.  It is harder than it sounds.  Nothing seems to be the right color.  I have found one ivory dress that I think is super cute, J. Crew, I just have to reconcile the fact that they are "white" and get over it I think.

On another note I have invitation samples coming in the mail and our guest list is being finalized...again, harder than you would think.  Our nice smallish family and friend wedding might possibly become a hoopla but I am doing my best to control the situation.  Wish me luck.

To come....cake tasting, menu, and ordering the tuxes.

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