Sunday, September 4, 2011

Procrastination....uh oh

Last week I ordered swatches for the bridesmaid dress because we are ordering them online but I panicked because I didn't want to order anything without being sure of the color.  Well I got the swatches yesterday, loved them.  So I know have colors (and once we order the dresses I can't change my theory).  One huge step done.   Now that colors are decided I can start buying stuff and crafting...yikes.

In other news, we are meeting with an officiant Thursday.  She's a woman I met at the Bridal Bazaar, also happens to be one of The Knot's top picks.  We are on the fence about having a woman officiant, I'm all for equality and all that, I've just never been to a wedding where there was a female officiant so I have to get out of that mindset.  She was very nice when I meet her and very easy to talk to so that's good.  Thank you Nicole for making me open minded, lol.

 Next up on the planning block: invites (just in time for Arielle and Caitlin to come visit), cake, and center pieces.

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  1. My cousins (Becky and Anthony) had a very loverly wedding done by a woman! It was actually one of the best wedding ceremonies I have ever seen!