Friday, December 9, 2011

Long over due update

I am a negligent blogger.  I apologize.

But on to business.  I have finally update my wedding website, not by much, just our photo link and bridal party.  I just ordered our wedding invites, how stressful.  The pressure to pick what people will like and stay true to what you like is crazy.  I did end up picking the one I liked best (Mitchell too), with the encouragement and help from Melissa, THANK YOU!  And Lauren, Rachel and my mom helped with the opinion process too, thanks ladies.  I should get the digital proof soon, then the actuals and out they go.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday we got the boys fitted for tuxes and ordered them.  I found flower girl dresses with help from Mom.  Also we are knee deep in mason jars and still collecting.  We chose our menu, the tasting was excellent.  We got together with Chat, our florist and friend, and put together mock centerpieces.  And we've chosen dates for pre-wedding events (bachelorete party and 2 showers...busy girls).

Those are the highlights for now, and here's to hoping I start updating more regularly.

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