Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well I just woke up from my first wedding nightmare, and let me just tell you, NOT FUN.  Apparently we hadn't arranged for an officiant so my mom was doing it, problem one.  I forgot my bouquet and veil and didn't realize until halfway down the aisle, but I was carrying my cell phone and Ipod in true Erin fashion.  Then halfway through the ceremony everyone except me got up and started walking behind the ceremony to the beach that was apparently there, and I just decided, I'm out.  Then I left, and was eventually chased by Mitchell and Lauren into a McDonald's where Mitchell was ready to drag me back..  So overall not the worst nightmare, but not a great feeling.

I am officially booking my officiant within the next 2 weeks!

Also for those of you I haven't talked to I'm having a wedding color crisis/change of heart.  We've thrown out at least 3 sets of color options...probably more...but 3 I was serious about.

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