Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's all in my head

For the last two weeks I have been seriously stressed our about wedding colors and themes and stupid detail stuff.  I think this all hit because its getting to be the time where we need to start purchasing things; bridesmaid dresses, ordering flowers, invites, save the dates, etc....but to do this you need to know what the wedding is going to look like (at least in your mind).  I do know what I want it to look like, kind of.

The hard part is I knew exactly what I wanted, for a fall wedding.  I never really considered anything else.  I had the fall option but we decided spring was better, less of a wait, we get an anniversary that's not right next to both of our birthdays, and nice weather.  However, this means all the visions I had of pumpkins and hay bales and an outdoor rustic fall wedding don't really apply.  So I've had to really sit down and think about what I want, all the while avoiding the pressure of making sure its "me" and unique and not the same old same old, which I don't want.  I want this to be a reflection of who Mitchell and I are, what we like, and still be elegant and tasteful (aka no beer pong or Disney paraphernalia everywhere).

So I believe that I have settled on colors, cross your fingers I don't change my mind again because Mitchell may strangle me.

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